Miss Taghizadeh featured in The Telegraph

Miss Taghizadeh was featured in the Saturday Telegraph on 8th July 2023 in a special editorial on Health Innovations, Click the images below to enlarge, or download the whole PDF here.


Article transcript

Consideration of plastic surgery is often a complex decision that necessitates time, information and preparation
Each candidate is unique and the plan for surgery should be bespoke and fitting to the individual patient. Choosing the correct surgeon with up-to-date knowledge and expertise is a key element of the decision-making process. Surgery is a permanent change to the body with a potentially life-changing impact, which can result in more self-confidence and better quality of life. At the same time, it’s important to have realistic expectations and a full understanding of any potential risks.

Miss Taghizadeh is an experienced consultant plastic reconstructive and aesthetic surgeon based in the northwest of England. She specialises in breast and body surgery as well as niche areas of subspecialty interest. She’s the clinical lead in microsurgical breast reconstruction with expertise in DIEP flap surgery. Miss Taghizadeh is also the chair of the BAPRAS breast special interest group and aregular invited faculty member at key international aesthetic and reconstructive meetings. Her focus on educating and training surgeons worldwide has resulted in her being a member of the resident training committee of the International Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons. Remaining up-to-date with the latest advances in plastic surgery has been a focus of her practice and she’s on the associate editorial board of the Aesthetic Plastic Surgery journal. She’s a regular reviewer for key aesthetic and reconstructive journals, and has over 30 publications in her field.

Breast surgery encompasses a wide spectrum of operations and Miss Taghizadeh performs all aspects of aesthetic, reconstructive, corrective and symmetrising surgery. These procedures include breast reduction, breast uplift, correction of asymmetry, congenital (since birth) abnormalities, primary breast augmentation, revision breast implant surgery and male breast correction. She has extensive experience in the use of fat grafting (lipomodelling) as an integral part of her breast surgery practice. This technique has a powerful complimentary impact on tissue quality and contour and is performed alongside a number of breast surgery procedures as a “hybrid” component.

Many patients may have experienced a change in the shape and contour of their body parts as a result of ageing, pregnancy or weight change. Corrective surgery involving areas such as the abdomen, arms and legs can have a significant effect on self-confidence and be performed safely with the correct surgical techniques and attention to detail. Post massive weight-loss surgery is another potentially rewarding aspect of plastic surgery, whereby patients can undergo removal of significant amount of redundant tissue.

Another niche area of practice is labiaplasty surgery, which is often poorly understood and informed about. Given the delicate and often personal nature of this presentation, patients are often anxious and should therefore be allocated additional time for consultation and discussion of treatment. Surgery is the mainstay of management and with careful planning and execution, is associated with a high level of patient satisfaction.

For women who require a mastectomy, the effect can be physically and psychologically devastating. Miss Taghizadeh has had a passion for autologous breast reconstruction (using the patient’s own tissue), which can help to restore self-confidence.

Plastic surgery combines form and function. As a keen painter, Miss Taghizadeh feels that an appreciation of art can serve to enrich a surgeon’s outcomes.